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A Slight Change in TOS could create Millions for Amazon

On October 3rd, 2016 changed its Community Guidelines to no longer allow reviews in exchange for discounted or free items.  What they are doing instead is focusing on their own Amazon Vine Program. A program where Amazon chooses who to add as a ‘reviewer’ and then chooses the product for the Reviewer. Amazon is in total control.

This change creates a huge monopoly in product reviewing and allows Amazon to instead force reviews on items they can garner higher profit margins from. In addition, it effectively shuts down third-party websites that helped put sellers in contact with people able to write reviews of their products.

This is literally killing commercial sales from sellers not bowing down to paying huge profits percentages to Amazon. The little guys get kicked to the curb. There is one seller that lost over $20,000 today alone with this decision.

Not just reviewers, but non reviewers alike need to try to get this overturned. Amazon was worried about biased reviews…and what they have created is a monopolized small interest group of reviewers that benefits Amazon.  You can do something to try to change this decision…and put it back to the way it was.

Reviewers are real people, putting their HOURS of time in to write credible and helpful reviews on a huge range of products. Reviewers and Sellers need this new TOS to be overturned to be fair…for both the consumer and the small business owner.

Petition site here –

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Finding the Silver Lining…..


AAEAAQAAAAAAAATJAAAAJDc4NmQzZmUxLTZlNzMtNDdkMi1hYTc1LWVmNTUxOWZjNWVlZQSo, soon after my birthday, the problems reared their heads again. COPD because of the clots in my lungs; super high blood pressure; and last but not least blood in the stool which caused me to have to go in for a Colonoscopy. 

I’ve never had one of those before, so I was very nervous. I followed protocol in doing everything to clean out and prep for the procedure. They were almost not going to allow it to happen, since my blood pressure was so high. They were afraid I was going to go into cardiac arrest.  The doctor decided to go ahead, as I was all for it too…I didn’t want to do the prep again if I could help it. Prep for me is different than for everyone else as I have PE’s (pulmonary embolisms) and have to keep my blood really thin to avoid any new ones.  Other than the normal prep, I had to add shots to my stomach of an alternative thinner, since Warfarin is stopped for the procedure (big chance of major bleeding if something happens with Warfarin).

Anyway, 10 (Ten) polyps removed. Apparently that is a lot. Most in the 2 to 3 mm range, last one was 12mm (big one). Labs for all came back with ‘pre-cancerous’ diagnosis. Am I happy about that – NO. BUT it could have been worse I suppose.MjAxMy0yMTEyYzVmYzQyOWM4Mzdi

Let’s just add that to the list of my body breaking down on me.  High blood pressure, under-active thyroid, pulmonary embolisms, gout, very fibrous breast tissue (they thought is was cancer but after numerous tests and ultrasounds, it’s just my body changing…they are keeping an eye on it), and now PC Polys……(heavy sigh)….

I talk to my grand children, and children – that makes me VERY happy. I do adult coloring books and started painting, I still love reviewing products….my honey and my four legged children make me happy. Funny how perspectives can change. Take that time to enjoy the little things….for they are what matter.


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New Organization and Design for the New Year


So it’s not just my house that I’m trying to organize, I’ll be taking time to make a more appealing blog. I’m still new at this and thanks for bearing with me!

I had hoped this new year would be better health wise, but instead this whole first week was full of Migraines, tender muscles, painful joints and Pulmonary scares. I cannot wait until this body takes what I’m trying to do and changes for the better.

I’m also trying something new, not just relying on the bazillion medications I have to take everyday. I’ve read up on this healing your body with juicing and I’m going to give it a go. I’ll include what I’m doing and some recipes too if you’d like to try it. I’m hoping that this will do the trick and help.

So our little fur-babies have been confused at this weather we’re now having. Today the high is 16 degrees F. It’s been like early Spring around here until now, highs in the low 70’s and low’s in the 50’s. It’s been a crazy warm Winter! Our little Cocker Chip has ear infections again. If you didn’t know….they are very prevalent with this breed of dog. He’s a trooper getting his ears cleaned and taking medication….and I am starting to feel like Houdini trying to figure out to ‘hide the pill’ so he can’t find it and spit it out (which he’s very good at).

So we’re still enjoying our Christmas tree and thought about it becoming a Valentines tree….but we will probably take it down. Just not sure yet. LOL.

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New Year Approaching Already?


With the New Year approaching us in just 2 days, it’s a good time to reflect those things you would like to change or keep in your daily/weekly/monthly routines. I don’t make resolutions anymore, there is just something about them that makes you unable to keep them. I think with resolutions, we aim too high and are too specific. We should be more realistic and frankly more general in resolutions. Never put yourself in a position to fail.


Last week we had a lovely Christmas Eve Day with our new grandson Colton, his mom and dad, step daughter and their aunt. We did a whole big brunch with ham, eggs, strata, rolls, green beans wrapped in bacon and jalapeno poppers. Everyone ate, then we gave gifts.  I don’t know about anyone else, but we did not even get our big big tree (16 feet) up this year. We settled for our 9 foot almost insta-tree, and we got that up only two days before everyone came over.  We are unable to do things like we used to, so I was at least happy that we got that up, with lights and ornaments too.

I know many of you are probably going out for the New Year’s Eve. I pray you all are safe. Mema’s House is going to be a quiet one, just the two of us, by the fire, watching the ball drop with our four fur babies.



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Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a very quiet and yummy Thanksgiving here, just Jim and I and our four fur babies!  Our Thanksgiving treat was that our dogs let us sleep in! That hardly happens. So it started out as a nice cozy day, and continued throughout.

My Chef Jim and I brined and stuffed a turkey, homemade green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, cranberry, and Jim made an amazing Duff Goldman Gingersnap crust Pumpkin pie/Cheesecake (actually two different layers, not mixed together) for me!! Yes, completely spoiled. 🙂


So how was your Thanksgiving? Any special traditions?

The weekend was darn cold. We spent a lot of time in front of the fireplace enjoying Hot Nuts (Amaretti and boiled water with whipped cream on top) and Whiskey and watching football….plus more of my addicting hobby (which I’ll go into on another post). I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

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Tuesday, Tuesday, what a blue(s) day…..


It is strange how the darker and colder the day, the more blah I feel. The cold just makes me hurt even more, and yes, I start feeling sad.  I remember the days that nothing was hurt or bad. I wish those days weren’t so far away.  What made me happy is that I talked to my younger daughter yesterday and my older daughter today. I miss them, and my grandchildren, I just wish we lived closer. Going out three to four times a year…just isn’t enough.  So with being blue, I started getting diffusers and using essential oils. I have to say they are really working! I’d like to share with you one of my favorites.

Pilgrim Collection Anton Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier

Once you get your first diffuser, you’ll be hooked. What a wonderful first diffuser this Pilgrim Collection Anton Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier by Pilgrim Collection would be! Of course, it makes a lovely diffuser whether it’s your first or not too! I love the design and to me it certainly does have that Italian flair! This is not cumbersome or clunky in any way, but is a nice piece for a side table kind of look. Big bonus is that the power cord is extra long, about 6 feet!

This is a very easy diffuser to use. Just take off the white top, add water to the extra large water reservoir (one of the larger water reservoirs I’ve seen!). Add your favorite essential oils, I would do no more than 5 drops depending on the oil, some are very strong, like Ylang Ylang (where I would only use 3 drops max). My favorite is 4 drops Bergamot and 2 drops Lavender Oils. Just beautiful and so relaxing! Then put the top back on and press the button once – you’ll get the rotation of lights, my favorite. Press twice – you’ll get a static light (just one color), press a third time – the light goes off but the diffuser stays on, and press fourth time is OFF.

This Pilgrim Collection diffuser has 7 moods light setting, BUT it also has the colors in between! One color nicely melds into the next color, so there is quite a few more colors! This diffuser also has an automatic shut off when the reservoir gets too low, perfect! Plus is super silent! Not a sound. It’s also a cool mist. I would say that this design could fit into any decor and any room. I completely recommend this diffuser for your own use and it would make such an awesome gift!

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Perfect Gift for Yourself or Others

71sh9fwqtdl-_sl1250_You don’t need for someone to buy you something, I bought this for myself. Makes me smile every morning, and no matter what, you should like who you are. This Good Morning Beautiful Mug by Cutie Cups is a perfect way to wake up every morning. The front side says “Good Morning Beautiful” and the back has a beautiful scroll heart. Hot or cold drinks work very well with this cup.

Extra special that inside this particular cup was a nice natural bag of a beautiful red color and inside was a good sized small bag of Gimbals heart shaped jelly beans – Gluten and Allergen free. Vegan. They are very good. Definitely an adult treat! Huge bonus points for this mug being chip resistant and dishwasher safe. It’s a nice sturdy mug, very good quality! The company also guarantees that the writing won’t fade or chip away. That is awesome. I don’t know about you, but I have a few mugs that no longer have any writing on them in my cabinet.

Super cute that this came in a white box and the cup was wrapped with red tissue paper. It’s a present! This would also make a wonderful gift for any woman in your life, Mom’s, Daughter’s, and guys get this for your girlfriend/wife….you’ll get nice brownie points!

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It’s a cold, cold, Friday….


Today was a very lazy day. You know those kind that outside is hazy and chilly, too chilly to go out? Inside we have a fire going and all four dogs were just loving lounging around…on us instead of their beds. It was so nice to take time today to watch Frank Beemer’s last day at Lane Stadium being coach, as Virginia Tech played North Carolina. All of us, including the dogs. While VT didn’t win, they sure did play their hearts out for Frank. Right to the last minute of one OT.  They honored Frank well.

My sweet heart Moonman went out to buy groceries and is making stuffed red peppers. Perfect for today. Yes, I know, I’m spoiled. 🙂

Just like most people on the weekends, we rest, enjoy each others time, do laundry and cook comforting homemade meals.  Doesn’t everyone do that?

We miss our grandchildren, but won’t be going out to see them until April 2016.  Oh yeah, you know you’re getting old….when….you start wrapping Christmas presents and packing them in each of our children’s boxes to get ready to send to them next week. Yeah, I’ll admit it’s the Type A plus older mindedness I have now.

Today was a better day than normal for my medical situation. So, I’m thankful for that. I hope your day was warm, happy, and full of love.

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Where has Mema Been?

My deepest apologies for being absent for months. I cannot tell you how debilitating another attack of blood clots have been. Hospital stays, medications, and oxygen tanks have been a part of these last months and I’ve been completely exhausted. Apparently the last set of medications did not work for the Mema. Gives you pause and you start thinking about what you have not done in your life, but it also gives you a chance to know what is important and what you’re most thankful for.

Now that I have some energy back, I’m starting the writing again. My goal is to write something everyday….or at least every other day.  I hope you’ve stayed around and I look forward to you reading and commenting on my life shares.

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Pampered Cleaning Day

This season, do one thing to pamper yourself. Hire someone to spring clean your home! You don’t have to leave for them to clean, they will work around you and your pets. I suggest Angie’s List to easily look through bargains, grades of companies and people, it’s very easy to use and well worth it. You pay for it on Angie’s List and almost immediately the company will email you to set up a time. I used Absolute Shine Cleaning and they are FANTASTIC! They are getting a A from me, came on time, very friendly, and are doing a top to bottom clean. It you think about how much you spend at the grocery store, or on other things during the week, it’s well worth the price.

I can feel the stress melting off as we speak!

While they are cleaning, I’m looking through Craigslist for DIY fence items. Our 3 acres, it is a pretty penny to fence that, so creating a little section for our dogs with free wood and posts is well worth my time.

The place looks amazing! I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Now to KEEP it this way!!  During Spring and Summer, I will probably hire out a couple more times, maybe once a month? Not sure yet.


Instead of baking, we took it easy and enjoyed the clean house. Jim is making Arancini (fried rice balls), Spinach and Parmesan cheese, for dinner. I’m hoping he keeps the cooktop clean, LOL.

How do you pamper yourself? What is your secret on keeping up with cleaning? I’d love to hear about them!

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Spring Cleaning is in the Air!


Happy Monday!  Dogs let us sleep in to 8am today! Completely welcomed and doesn’t happen often. Today I’ve switched to tea instead of coffee, especially since we FINALLY found the special Wedding Blend Tea from Inspirations Tea Room in OKC. I had bought some on a trip last year, lost it in the RV and while cleaning it out after this last trip, we found it! It is delicious!

Anyway, it gave me a lot more of a wake up kick than the coffee. I’ve already done a load of laundry, picked up and vacuumed the family room, and am getting ready to tackle the kitchen. Seriously a great start to any Monday!

Since this house is too big for the two of us, I’m hiring a cleaning crew tomorrow. Top to bottom spring cleaning. I’m very excited!  We’re not dirty, it’s just hard to keep up with this 3300 sq foot home, especially with my medical conditions.

Beautiful day for Mother’s day yesterday. A drive in the country in ‘Zeno’, our Morgan type British roadster, and a picnic. Completely recharged us. Went to the local farmers market and picked up some lamb shanks (non GMO and organic or course) from a great vendor, Holly Brook Farms. Jim made Osso Bucco for dinner. Plating didn’t get high scores, but it was delicious!

mothers day osso bucco

My girls and granddaughters sent Mother’s Day gifts, a beautiful antique necklace with “Mimi” on it and a stunning bracelet with Mimi. I love those babies!

mimi necklace mimi bracelet

Jim, my love, spoiled me yesterday.  With picnic, drive, lovely dinner, and jewelry! I LOVE dream catchers. There is something about them that just pull me in. The more delicate, the more I like them. He got me dream catcher earrings, matching bracelet, and a stunning pounded copper and silver turquoise necklace, that remind me of a dream catcher. He is an amazing man!

On the list for the remainder of the day, to attack tidying up as much as possible.

I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and get into the ‘Spring’ frame of mind!  Spring is finally here, after a VERY long cold winter, and it probably won’t last long as Summer temps are encroaching fast.

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