Tuesday, Tuesday, what a blue(s) day…..


It is strange how the darker and colder the day, the more blah I feel. The cold just makes me hurt even more, and yes, I start feeling sad.  I remember the days that nothing was hurt or bad. I wish those days weren’t so far away.  What made me happy is that I talked to my younger daughter yesterday and my older daughter today. I miss them, and my grandchildren, I just wish we lived closer. Going out three to four times a year…just isn’t enough.  So with being blue, I started getting diffusers and using essential oils. I have to say they are really working! I’d like to share with you one of my favorites.

Pilgrim Collection Anton Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier  https://goo.gl/DuTgxd

Once you get your first diffuser, you’ll be hooked. What a wonderful first diffuser this Pilgrim Collection Anton Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier by Pilgrim Collection would be! Of course, it makes a lovely diffuser whether it’s your first or not too! I love the design and to me it certainly does have that Italian flair! This is not cumbersome or clunky in any way, but is a nice piece for a side table kind of look. Big bonus is that the power cord is extra long, about 6 feet!

This is a very easy diffuser to use. Just take off the white top, add water to the extra large water reservoir (one of the larger water reservoirs I’ve seen!). Add your favorite essential oils, I would do no more than 5 drops depending on the oil, some are very strong, like Ylang Ylang (where I would only use 3 drops max). My favorite is 4 drops Bergamot and 2 drops Lavender Oils. Just beautiful and so relaxing! Then put the top back on and press the button once – you’ll get the rotation of lights, my favorite. Press twice – you’ll get a static light (just one color), press a third time – the light goes off but the diffuser stays on, and press fourth time is OFF.

This Pilgrim Collection diffuser has 7 moods light setting, BUT it also has the colors in between! One color nicely melds into the next color, so there is quite a few more colors! This diffuser also has an automatic shut off when the reservoir gets too low, perfect! Plus is super silent! Not a sound. It’s also a cool mist. I would say that this design could fit into any decor and any room. I completely recommend this diffuser for your own use and it would make such an awesome gift!

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