#WyldLifePets Treats

The way to tell about any treat is whether the dogs like them or not. Well…..this is how I FOUND the bag of Bully Sticks Beef Tendons Combo 6 pack by #WyldLifePets.

I di20160124_153049dn’t even get a chance to see them. LOL. I have four dogs – a very old Collie, a very old Lab, a 2 yr old Cocker Spaniel and a 4 year old Chiweenie. I KNOW it was the Collie….who at least started this. She is meticulous at getting into things without being noticed….plus that would be her to get them and share with everyone….LOL.

It’s not the first time my dogs have had tendons and bully sticks. They love them and they are natural, which makes me feel good about what they are getting. They bully sticks contain natural glucosamine too. The bully sticks are a more expensive treat, but they are far superior than anything you can get processed in the store.

Yes, there will be a smell….BUT that is the natural bully stick. Proves they did not do anything to cover it up. The tendons help your dogs teeth and gums too.

If you too want to give your little furry loved ones a treat they will love, this is where I got ,ine. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B018F0S1EI/ref=twister_B018F0S1AM?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1