Treepenguin Animal Alphabet Wall Decals – Fun and Educational Letters for Nursery and Kids Rooms


These are an adorable set of letter decals.This set comes with 52 letters both upper case and lower case, with nice bright colors, and they’re all large and easy to see.  Each capital letter has an animal on it that starts with that letter.  The capital letters are about 3 inches and the lower case letters are about 2 inches.  They are easy to just peel and stick.  If you make a mistake and the alphabet letter has to be removed, it comes off easy. Then it can be applied where you want it.

Some letters show two examples of things that start with the letter, not just one.  Like a horse with a hat on or Lion licking a Lollipop.  They are all so cute, I don’t really have a favorite.  Each letter has a clear border around it along with any empty space in the letter – this way your wall color will show through.

Not only does my grandson enjoy these, but they would make a great wall decor for any reading center or preschool.

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