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Hello! I’m Colette (aka MEMA, MIMI, Grandma). I’m a just over 50 something, and I’m learning how to cope with the next stage of my life, with all that entails.  Whether you’re family or the neighbor, I’m Mema. Welcome to my house, where everyday I’ll share a little bit of our unique life, where you can catch a recipe, smile, wisdom, comfort, love….where you can be yourself, get fed and relax awhile.
Here is a bit of extras, for those truly seeking more information by clicking on the “About” tab.
  • I’ve been with the same man for more than 6 years. While some don’t think that a long while (it’s longer than some marriages), we are committed to each other and are waiting for the ‘right time’ to get married. We have four beautiful and amazing adult daughters between us (each having two from previous marriages), three awesome son-in-laws, one grandson (number two due May 2015) and two beautiful granddaughters. We are also the proud parents of four 4-legged children, currently all dogs. A blonde lab, who makes Marley look like Einstein, a Ginger Collie/Chow mix who is as smart as they come, a very laid back muppet of a cocker spaniel, and a chiweenie who is the queen.
  • I love to read: books (real books – I love the feel of the books more than digital), magazines, websites, and blogs. I also love (love!) movies, music and live performances.
  • I live in Virginia,  it’s the longest I’ve been in one place as my step father was a Navy pilot and we moved around quite a bit. This is where I write about family, friends, and great subjects that I enjoy
  • I love my wine. Preferably white Sauvignon blanc.  I’m a chocoholic, especially the real artisan French chocolates.
  • I consider myself a Southern Lady. I think being Southern is a way of life.  Southern people enjoy their families, friends, and great southern food in a big way.   I love to bake and cook and hope you will check out all my recipes. The recipes on my blog have come from all over, some are old family recipes from years ago, some come from friends. Others, I’ve found in books, magazines or online. As most cooks will do, I usually redo them, if only slightly, to make it work for us.
  • I am a big Pinteresting Grandmother.
  • I am currently a survivor of Massive Bilateral Pulmonary Embolisms,  Too many to count (more than 50) in each lung. I am one of the 0.05% that survived with this many…..and I’m coming to terms with this. This blog is one of the ways I cope.
  • I’m a Christian, even though I have faltered through the years. I pray for everyone who asks or not and to get through hard times. Since I’ve turned 50, I’m much more aware of paying it forward and asking for help.
  • I’m a Capricorn and pretty much fit the description to a T. I love family and love hard. I’m all in for whatever I’m determined to do.
  • I’m a long-distance grandma, with my grandchildren living more than 1200 miles away in the heart of the USA. That’s hard as hell. This blog is one of the ways I cope.

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