Wireless Bluetooth Winter Hat by DOB

This is easily one of those products that you didn’t know you needed, until you get one. This is the Wireless Bluetooth Winter Hat by DOB.

This is a great winter hat with built in bluetooth speakers, love that it gives me full use of my hands. The sound is decent quality and yes, I can hear it outdoors well. Low on the bass however, but still good speakers. I can actually make calls with this little number too! (You just press the center button to answer). While on calls, the sound is better since a lot of bass is not needed…..and apparently I am able to push the middle button twice to dial last number! The bluetooth was easy to pair, I have a Galaxy Note 5. I also like that it takes a standard micro to USB cable to charge….which is included.

The hat is made of a stretch knit and is soft. Quality of the workmanship is evident in the stitching and there is no fraying or pulling. Yes, this does keep your head warm enough…it’s not like a heavy hat worn in Russia, it’s meant to be worn on mild Winter days. The buttons go over your ears (I like to wear it just in front of my ears). You have up and down volume control. Pause and play control. Big bonus is that the speakers and controls are removable so you can wash this (you just have to take you time and be careful removing)!

If you end up losing the bluetooth signal, the power save mode kicks in. After a few minutes, it will turn itself off. Pretty ingenious! Fully charged I was able to listen to music for about 4 hours. Btw, the volume + and – have two functions. Quick press will act as your scan to next song or go back to previous song. Pressing and holding the + or – button, will adjust the volume.

The only reason for a 4 star instead of 5, is that the pieces inside the hat move a bit, thus it does take a little bit to plug in the charging cable. The hat does cover the holes. Maybe if this hat had leather pieces added around the holes it would be easier. The other thing is still with charging, I do not see any indication that it IS charging. No light or sound…so it is a guess. That’s all that I can see wrong with it. Neither of these things interfere with the performance of the hat. It’s a good hat. This is a big hit with the Son-in-law and my grandson. For the price, this is a good deal.