Quality, Style, Usefulness, Design….Thumbs up across the board!

As I Grandmother to four, I’ve now traded in my ‘work’ briefcase for something called “an everything” briefcase. I am always prepared for my grandchildren and still like to be stylish! This is the 14” PU Leather Briefcase Business Laptop Messenger Bag With Soft Handles by VOCHIC. I can’t imagine myself without this now. I love this bag!!

Not only can I fit in everything from a First Aid kit, diapers, wipes, juice boxes, snacks, pens/pencils/colored pencils/paper, makeup, a medication holder and cell phone, but I can also carry my iPad, bluetooth keyboard and a mouse. PLENTY of room and it’s not bulging. The leather is smooth, brown and durable. This particular leather is something called PU leather – also known as bicast leather (bi-cast, bycast, and split leather) is a material made with a split leather backing covered with a layer of polyurethane.

The front has flaps that are used to close the bag. They go through two metal squared “loops” to secure the main flap of the briefcase. The outer shell is dark, smooth and has a few raw cut edges (it’s not a mistake). The inside is an ever so lighter brown, zippers, cotton/linen material, and pockets. There is also a zipper in the back, about as big as your hand sideways (5 to 6 inches). This has a sturdy handle and shoulder strap. The shoulder strap attaches to side metal hardware, that looks like it can withstand a good amount of weight.

The stitching is quality and this is also very easy to clean. This bag is 15 x 4 x 10.5 inches (L, W, H) and is less than 2 pounds. What a fantastic gift this would make for pretty much anyone. Travel bag, computer bag, diaper bag, carry all bag….the list keeps going….