Pampered Cleaning Day

This season, do one thing to pamper yourself. Hire someone to spring clean your home! You don’t have to leave for them to clean, they will work around you and your pets. I suggest Angie’s List to easily look through bargains, grades of companies and people, it’s very easy to use and well worth it. You pay for it on Angie’s List and almost immediately the company will email you to set up a time. I used Absolute Shine Cleaning and they are FANTASTIC! They are getting a A from me, came on time, very friendly, and are doing a top to bottom clean. It you think about how much you spend at the grocery store, or on other things during the week, it’s well worth the price.

I can feel the stress melting off as we speak!

While they are cleaning, I’m looking through Craigslist for DIY fence items. Our 3 acres, it is a pretty penny to fence that, so creating a little section for our dogs with free wood and posts is well worth my time.

The place looks amazing! I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Now to KEEP it this way!!  During Spring and Summer, I will probably hire out a couple more times, maybe once a month? Not sure yet.


Instead of baking, we took it easy and enjoyed the clean house. Jim is making Arancini (fried rice balls), Spinach and Parmesan cheese, for dinner. I’m hoping he keeps the cooktop clean, LOL.

How do you pamper yourself? What is your secret on keeping up with cleaning? I’d love to hear about them!

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