Finding the Silver Lining…..


AAEAAQAAAAAAAATJAAAAJDc4NmQzZmUxLTZlNzMtNDdkMi1hYTc1LWVmNTUxOWZjNWVlZQSo, soon after my birthday, the problems reared their heads again. COPD because of the clots in my lungs; super high blood pressure; and last but not least blood in the stool which caused me to have to go in for a Colonoscopy. 

I’ve never had one of those before, so I was very nervous. I followed protocol in doing everything to clean out and prep for the procedure. They were almost not going to allow it to happen, since my blood pressure was so high. They were afraid I was going to go into cardiac arrest.  The doctor decided to go ahead, as I was all for it too…I didn’t want to do the prep again if I could help it. Prep for me is different than for everyone else as I have PE’s (pulmonary embolisms) and have to keep my blood really thin to avoid any new ones.  Other than the normal prep, I had to add shots to my stomach of an alternative thinner, since Warfarin is stopped for the procedure (big chance of major bleeding if something happens with Warfarin).

Anyway, 10 (Ten) polyps removed. Apparently that is a lot. Most in the 2 to 3 mm range, last one was 12mm (big one). Labs for all came back with ‘pre-cancerous’ diagnosis. Am I happy about that – NO. BUT it could have been worse I suppose.MjAxMy0yMTEyYzVmYzQyOWM4Mzdi

Let’s just add that to the list of my body breaking down on me.  High blood pressure, under-active thyroid, pulmonary embolisms, gout, very fibrous breast tissue (they thought is was cancer but after numerous tests and ultrasounds, it’s just my body changing…they are keeping an eye on it), and now PC Polys……(heavy sigh)….

I talk to my grand children, and children – that makes me VERY happy. I do adult coloring books and started painting, I still love reviewing products….my honey and my four legged children make me happy. Funny how perspectives can change. Take that time to enjoy the little things….for they are what matter.


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