New Year Approaching Already?


With the New Year approaching us in just 2 days, it’s a good time to reflect those things you would like to change or keep in your daily/weekly/monthly routines. I don’t make resolutions anymore, there is just something about them that makes you unable to keep them. I think with resolutions, we aim too high and are too specific. We should be more realistic and frankly more general in resolutions. Never put yourself in a position to fail.


Last week we had a lovely Christmas Eve Day with our new grandson Colton, his mom and dad, step daughter and their aunt. We did a whole big brunch with ham, eggs, strata, rolls, green beans wrapped in bacon and jalapeno poppers. Everyone ate, then we gave gifts.  I don’t know about anyone else, but we did not even get our big big tree (16 feet) up this year. We settled for our 9 foot almost insta-tree, and we got that up only two days before everyone came over.  We are unable to do things like we used to, so I was at least happy that we got that up, with lights and ornaments too.

I know many of you are probably going out for the New Year’s Eve. I pray you all are safe. Mema’s House is going to be a quiet one, just the two of us, by the fire, watching the ball drop with our four fur babies.



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