Spring Mother’s Day Weekend


First, Happy Mother’s Day to ALL mother’s out there!

There is no such thing as sleeping in when you have four-legged children. They wake us up every morning between 6:30 and 7AM. Today was no exception.

Yesterday was an easy day. Overcast but in the 80’s, which is beautiful driving weather! We did chores around the house, nothing too big, and got ready to go meet Jim’s oldest and her husband for dinner. Plus we needed to give them their new jogging baby stroller and a baby astronaut t-shirt (from the ‘Space’ grandparents).

We had a nice casual dinner in Fredericksburg at Capital Ale House. Pretty good food. Then capped it off with a trip to Carl’s Ice Cream, vintage old fashioned ice cream shack. I was very nice. We enjoyed seeing them and had good conversation. She will be having Grandson #2 any day now.

I could definitely use more days like yesterday.

Today, dogs woke us at 6:45am. Took them out to do their business, then Jim went back up to bed to ‘nap’. I don’t mind. It’s quiet downstairs with the dogs, who are again sleeping themselves. There isn’t much on today’s schedule other than relaxing and going for a drive in ‘Zeno’, our Morgan type car. Jim in has british driving cap and me with my scarf. Maybe a picnic is in order!


There’s a cute little rack on the back, perfect size for a large picnic basket. Wind in your hair, tree covered roads, beautiful weather. Sounds like a perfect afternoon for Mother’s Day!

So how are you enjoying today??

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