Happy Friday!


Happy Friday!

While most of you are thinking about how relaxing you’re going to make your weekend, mine is already booked to the hilt. Jim came home 2am this morning. Thank God. I was getting at the end of my rope. So before he got home, I made a list of the things we needed to accomplish this weekend, so as not to completely be depressed and overwhelmed with this home. Yes, we’re still looking for a downsized home, but until then we need to do something with everything here and this house to make it less stressful. Empty nesters beware – it might seem like the good thing to do, buy a BIG house for all the grandchildren, but unless you’re a multi-millionaire, it will suck all your time and energy to keep up.


While it’ s completely overwhelming to think about HOW MUCH there is to do in this house, it is best to start with one room, finish it, then move to the next. The goal this weekend is to get through the MAIN floor so that it’s clean and organized. This includes the pantry and what we call the ‘Tardis’ –  a room close to the kitchen that goes the length under the back stairs. It’s much bigger inside than it looks on the outside, hence the name. (Props to my Dr. Who people out there).  It holds all our cooking appliances and stockpiling supplies.

I’m hoping it will all get done within this weekend.

Next will be the upstairs, where all the bedrooms and most of the bathrooms are. That, to me, is less daunting of a task. I say that, but it is very difficult to keep up with this home!

I’m also looking for a cleaning crew (for the deep clean we can’t do) and a lawn crew (to help with the disaster of a yard we have right now)!

Tomorrow we’re going to dinner with Jim’s oldest daughter Stephanie and her husband Chris. We have a few more gifts to give them before they have Grandson #2 and before they move from this state in a few more months. She has been doing fantastic during her pregnancy and I’m sure has been someone to look up to for other preggo mommies to be out there.

Currently, I can work 15 – 20 minutes, then have to sit down. Out of breath and back gripped up in pain. Relax 20 minutes, then back to work. At this rate, my goals for this weekend might not be completed….but I’ll keep going and get what I can done.

Does anyone else have health issues that they have to work through to regain somewhat of a normal life?

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