Spotting Deals, Saving Money and Earning Gift Cards

Dealspotr is the best of many worlds. It’s a coupon finder…and lots of them. Members add all kinds of coupons for you to choose from…and they’re all working/current. There are individual item codes and store codes. We’re couponers, deal hunters and budget conscious shoppers who like saving money. The site is easy to understand and follow. Plus this is one of the easiest sites to earn Amazon gift cards. I mean, come on now, who doesn’t want to save money with percent or dollars off PLUS earning free gift cards. I’ve already earned two, and this is still within my first month. Follow the Tutorial for a good understanding of this site and you’re on your way.

I look forward to going to the site each day. Saving money for our family vacations or extra things…holidays are coming up too! Instead of searching tons of sites, or reading the tons of emails that come into my inbox (I’m not kidding, it’s over 800 a day), Dealspotr brings them all to one place. So that means it saves me time too…and time is important for all of us. There are no scams, and the posts of all deals are watched and checked daily to make sure they are correctly listed…they do the work for you to make sure you’re not wasting your time. Truly one of the best sites I’ve found. Including making a few community friends, where everyone helps each other out.

In this day and age, where almost everything is online based, what a pleasure it is to find great deals and community friends in one place…and let’s not forget those gift cards, yes, free money just for taking some time to help others save money. Crazy idea, but it works beautifully.

I would absolutely love for you to join in the fun of saving….

If you click this link and use the Promo code, I’ll be giving you a head start for your first $10 gift card, 5000 points (you’re half way there!).

Click to join –

My promo code for your 5000 points – CHRICOL1

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