Birthday, Plus First Real Winter Weather….

Happy Birthday Cake

So, I had another Birthday last weekend….but I think I like Jack Benny’s montage….Forever 39! It was a quiet at home birthday. I really didn’t feel like going anywhere. A nice wood fire, caught up on our favorite new comedy, Ash vs. Evil Dead (it’s hilarious), and had a simple home cooked dinner.  Can’t get any more perfect than that!



We have had GREAT Winter weather, very mild and the lowest temps being above freezing…..until today. BAMM.  Today’s high is 9 degrees and the low will be -8 (yes, that is a minus sign).  With rain (obviously ice rain) and snow flurries tonight. Wind is at a normal 20 to 30 mph and gusts will be up to 50 mph!!  Tomorrow! Oh man, the high will be ZERO and the low -9. Crazy!! J went to the grocery store to load up on things that we could use in case there was a power outage.  We have a gas stove, we use propane, and a real wood fireplace. We could last about 3 days without power if we had to. We also have our RV….so if things get really bad, pack up the dogs and such and get to where there is power and camp.


Doctors appointments are next week. Welcome to the 50’s – Colonoscopy time. Lord is there anything worse??!! Apparently just like Mammograms, these are recommended every couple years. Oh the joy you’re missing out on! LOL.  I don’t know how that is going to work out with my blood being so thin from my Warfarin. We’ll see how it goes.

More tomorrow….if we have power.  First in the Organizational Series for 2016.

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