My Inspirations…

….For Being a Princess!

This is my miracle grandbaby Molly Sophia at 3 months old. Her Mommy, Brianna, my youngest daughter, had too thin a cervix and had to have a surgery to stitch it closed in order for Molly to stay in utero for more than 30 weeks.  At 4 weeks we drove out to them, they live in Oklahoma, and we stayed there while Mommy was on bedrest until Miss Molly was born at 36 weeks. Everyone was surprised she wasn’t born earlier!!  She is my inspiration for everything ‘Princessy’, she is my girlie girl. She Loves cooking with Mommy and Mema, and she calls me Mimi. We talk often on Mommy’s cell phone. She loves to talk on the phone while watching Peppa Pig with Mommy.

….For Patience


This little cutie pie chunkers is Hailey Elizabeth. Here she is 3 months. She is my inspiration for patience. She loves to torture her older brother, Jimmy Dene III, by playing with all his toys and climbing into his loft bed. She is a climber with little monkey toes, she knows where the camera is at all times, she know exactly what you don’t want her to do…and does it..even if you’re watching!  She is just like her mother, my oldest daughter Melody. She is my little clover bug. My little Irish angel.

….For Keeping up with Technology


This handsome little man is Jimmy Dene III. He is my masterful technology grandson! He is so loving and playful. He loves to help Mema and his Mommy with anything. He is my little game player! Completely can run any phone or tablet or game handed to him!

.…For Being in Love


I’ve been with Jim for 6 years now, although we’ve known each other for almost 20. He is my rock, he makes me laugh. I love spending time with him. He is patient, understanding and strong. He is a Space (yes outer), Telecommunications and Gaming Lawyer. He plays a mean French Horn and we share a love of old classic cars, bad Sci Fi and Cooking.

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